Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Eucalyptus" 5.5"x6"

"Eucalyptus" 5.5"x6" Oil on Panel

Last week I spent a few days in the Temescal Valley taking photos for possible landscape paintings. This area of Southern California is covered with large groves of Eucalyptus trees, California Oaks, mountains covered with poppies and large open meadows filled with emerald green vegetation. It’s a perfect place to find inspiration.

I thought it might be interesting to present this painting showing the stages I went through to produce it. This is not my usual painting process but I have wanted to experiment with some different techniques and I thought this little painting would be a good subject. For this painting I tried a more painterly approach. I also did some under painting which is something I never do. I don’t know if I really like doing under painting. Maybe I need to do more to figure that out. Usually I get going with the color right away. But this is just an exercise so I thought I should try. I have a long way to go with landscape paintings but I did enjoy producing this little painting.

A couple of lines to get me going.

Under painting.

Final painting.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"Tulips" 6x6

Oil on Panel 6"x6"

While I was working on “Tulips” it became apparent to me that this is one of those paintings that works in the intimate 6”x6” format but could also work as a larger scale painting. So tomorrow I will begin that process. This is a complicated painting so I think it may take some time but I feel it will be beautiful 24"x 24".