Monday, June 29, 2009

“Lemon in Silver” 7x10

Oil on Hardboard Panel 7"x 10"

I don’t think there is a backyard in Southern California that doesn’t have some kind of a fruit tree in it. Grapefruit, orange, lime, kumquat, loquat, plum, apple, Asian pear. Everybody has a fruit tree. Mine is a lemon tree. The thing is probable 40 years old and stands about 18 feet tall. The tree gets very little water and is only pruned every other year, but despite this neglect it produces an incredible amount of sweet lemons. There are hundreds on it right now. It flowers and bares fruit all year round. I occasionally think about cutting it down but then I would probably miss it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

June Challenge 6x6x2

M Collier "The Early Bird..." 6x6 Oil on Hardboard SOLD

Jelaine Faunce "With the Worm" 6x6 Oil on Canvas

We’re back to our challenges. The subject this time was a gummy worm.

The little bird in my painting is a German wind up tin toy. When you wind it up its beak opens and closes while it turns its head, sings a song and flaps its wings. Busy little thing. I have been trying to get this guy into a painting for a while.

The last few months Jelaine hasn’t been feeling well and we decided to put off any new challenges until she was back to her usual sassy self. SHE’S BACK!!! I miss our monthly brain tease and am looking forward to getting back to it.

Monday, June 08, 2009

"Hydrangea" 18x18

Oil on Hardboard 18" x 18"

Haven’t been posting much lately, have been working hard on some larger paintings. I have a couple more to go then I will turn my attention to some smaller paintings I have been wanting to do.

I love hydrangeas and thought I would revisit them on a little larger scale. The petals had me going for a while but I got thought them and am happy with the out come. WHEW!!