Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Shells" 5x12

Oil on Hardboard 5"x 12" Commission NFS

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

“Tools Of The Trade” 6x10

Oil On Hardboard 6”x 10”

This painting started out as a straight forward still life painting. After gathering up all the ingredients and composing a composition that I liked I realized it was a little more than that. Without thinking I had included in this piece a lot of items I use every single day. The large red brush and the greenish brush above it are my varnish brushes. My palette knife is on the right. The big brushes up top are used for mixing paint and the other brushes are use to apply paint. The orange scissors are used almost every day because I cut a lot of stuff. The white rose and the little items at the bottom of the jar are some of my inspiration. Oh, and that little snail crawling up the side of the glass jar, that’s me – I paint so slowly. These are the tools of my trade.

If you are interested in purchasing “Tools Of The Trade" please email me at collierart@hotmail.com