Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Freesia" 12x12

Oil On Hardboard 12"x 12" SOLD

Decided to mix things up a little for this painting. Dark backgrounds with dramatic lighting and lost edges really appeals to me but I feel I may have become a little complacent. So decided to challenge myself and try a different approach. Traditional botanical paintings were my inspiration. I love the stark white backgrounds, brilliant colors, imaginative designing and incredible detail. 

 After three false starts I finally got into a rhythm. Normally I paint dark to light. This time I worked light to dark, laying down thin layers of color mixed with liquin. Almost like watercolors.  Glazing is something I have very little experience with so it was interesting to see what happened when colors were created by overlaying color on color. There was a lot more thought given to negative space because it seemed more important when the background is a flat white.  More attention had to be given to intensity of color and temperature, even had to photograph this painting differently. All in all this piece really made me think, which kind of hurt my head, but that is what I was after.
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