Monday, January 19, 2009

"Untitled" 8x10

Oil on Harboard Panel 8x10 NFS
Landscape paintings have always held an interest for me. They are seldom the subject matter of my paintings but occasionally I find myself drawn to giving it a try.
I usually sit down when I paint but for this one I stood up, and just let go. It felt great.


Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

M this is so different to what we see from you but I love the feeling within this painting - and beautiful, subtle colour work too. Would love to see more!

1:52 AM  
Blogger Simon Jones said...

Technically outstanding work M, but this is lovely and poetic, really really like it.

9:35 AM  
Blogger m collier said...

Thank you so much Sheila and Simon. This painting was a real departure for me and I am hoping to explore the genre more in the coming months.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Don Gray said...

Moody, mysterious and expressive. A very interesting and promising direction, M.

11:45 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey Hayes said...

Intriguing - I look forward to seeing more of these. -Jeff

10:06 PM  

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